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The Dreamthinker

Joey sometimes says things that other people don’t understand. Or he says nothing, and watches the movies in his head. Joey is an excellent dream thinker: thinking and daydreaming at the same time.

This book helps Joey (and readers) to explore and appreciate their dreamer’s mind.

Order a hard copy (POD) to benefit from the work sheets.
Order the eBook version to read to your children – or have them relate to Joey by letting them read the book by themselves.

Paperback (Recommended, Print on demand) € 19,50
eBook Version € 6,99

Contact the author for worksheets, information and lectures: Suzanne Buis

Dreamer’s Mind Publishing House invites you to a world of visual learning, giftedness, creativity and, most of all, a world where dreamthinkers make dreams come true — because they finally have a book that ‘provides insight in their mind(s).

Ilse (11) – ‘Being gifted is not about fast learning. It is about a different way of thinking.’

Robin (9) – ‘We found out that my mom and I have the same way of feeling things. My dad and brother don’t notice everything. These insights help not to fight so much. We’ve come to understand that the other one is not wrong, but that our minds just work differently. Now I am writing my own book about dreamthinking.

Amy (6) – ‘I used this book to teach my class and the teacher about how my mind works! I never realised that others do not have movies in their head. I also showed my book to the piano teacher. I am a lot like Joey from the book!’

Dreamthinkers have the mental power
to create an infinite number of happily ever afters.
Our futures look brighter with a Dreamer’s Mind at work!

Dutch press

“The recognition of giftedness is the first step towards improvement”

“People only know the stereotypical gifted child… and so do the kids who then think they’re dumb or even weird.”

“Turn giftedness into the superpower it is.”

A few highlights

  • Book series by Suzanne Buis have sold over 550,000 copies
  • Suzanne coaches gifted children, tweens, adolescents, and their parents and teachers at her Dreamthinkers Talent Center.
  • Suzanne was nominated for a Mensa Award for her work in raising awareness for the gifted community.

Suzanne Buis: Most kids get halfway through the book — then they start writing their own story”

[-] Recently, De droomdenker (The Dreamthinker) was added to the list. This accessible workbook contains stories and worksheets for children with a dreamer’s mind: gifted, highly sensitive individuals. Readers instantly connect with its recognizable character, Joey. But the most notable about the book? “Kids often don’t finish reading [Joey’s story],” tells Buis. “Things start clicking, their mind starts working — and they write their own story instead.”